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Ceramic Coatings

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Protect your Investment!

Ceramic Coatings provide the longest term of protection offered at Exclusive 

We offer 2yr, 4yr, 6yr Ceramic and 8yr Coating at Exclusive . Years are determined by layers applied. Prior to coating, it is recommended to have one of our paint correction services.

We can help you to determine the amount of correction need or you may desire. Feel free to give us a call or contact us via the contact section in the menus so we can discuss your options.

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Paint Correction 
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What we are known for.

We offer Many levels of Paint Correction at Exclusive.

Paint correction purpose is to remove defects i.e. Swirls, scratches, etching, acid rain etching, water spot etching. Removing the defects will enhance the gloss and prolong the paint while not letting impurities to gradually make its way through the paint causing premature paint failure.

We offer many levels of Paint Correction stop in for a free consultation and we can discuss your options.

Classic  Restoration

Exterior and Interior Restoration

Goal is to get your classic or collectable to a show status you can be proud of.

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Interior Protection Services
Please Note we do NOT provide interior cleaning/detailing
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Leather Coating

Whether it is Genuine Leather or replicated leather this coating will provide up to 1 year of protection.

What is different from this service and a typical leather condition service? The leather coating will create a barrier to protect from UV damage (fading and cracking). Leather conditioners do not protect the leather from ink stains. The leather coating is similar technology as a ceramic coating for the exterior of the car. The coating will not affect the look or feel of the leather in fact it actually gives the leather a more natural feel. After the leather coating is applied and cured it can be easily maintained with a towel and water. It is recommended to have our Leatherique Treatment Service before applying the coating However, not necessary.

Odor Removal

Professional Odor Removal by machine.

1-2  Hours 

Professional Odor Removal by machine.

1-2  Hours 

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Fabric Protection

Helps to protect from stains for up to one year

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