Engine Bay Compartment Detail

Also referred to as Engine Bay Detail!


Engine bay detailing is one of the many self-rewarding services one can offer in auto detailing whether it be from a rudimentary  "detailer" or Professional accredited detailer/detailing company like ourselves (XtremeOCDetailing).

However, like most services in auto detailing the safe way is the more efficient and effective way to achieve the best results. Utilizing steam and a mild degreaser with brushwork agitation, we are able to break down, remove and trap the grime with more precision. Having more precise control in breaking down the grime and trapping it allows us to prevent it from reaching sensitive areas as well as keep as much off the ground as possible. 


Once we have cleaned the entire compartment we like to use a water-based dressing to dress the plastics leaving a satin to new factory look behind. Unlike a silicone-based dressing (oily and greasy feeling), the water-based dressing will not attract dust and dirt as quickly and in turn will leave the engine bay cleaner-looking longer.


One other negative to a silicone dressing is when spraying it with an HVLP pneumatic sprayer it puts an abundance amount of overspray in the air which can cause ill effects in your eyes and lungs, and it will usually get on other surfaces like paint and glass too. We prefer to do this service before the wash and paint preparation procedure. One place we do like to use silicone-based dressing is the undercarriage or wheel wells as it provides longer-lasting protection in those areas and it completes the look when admiring the detail you received from us from a whole picture viewpoint.


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